Audit Services

Information systems audit services consist of gathering and assessment activities to determine if the computer system is functional audited, maintain the integrity of data processed and stored, allowing the company's strategic objectives and resource efficient information.

In an audit of the computer system, perform the following types of activities:

  • Identifying and assessing risks in the system;
  • Evaluating and testing the control system
  • Checking and evaluation of environmental physics information
  • Checking and evaluation management information system
  • Verifying and assessing the application information
  • Checking and evaluation of computer network security
  • Checking and evaluation plans and procedures for disaster recovery and continuation of business
  • Testing the integrity of the data

Information Systems Audit assesses environmental risks of a computer or a computer applications. This mission is accomplished by choosing, with the client assessment process.

The audit will also consider conditions and assumptions which led to the construction of information system such as technical and functional specifications that he used implementer.


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